Music Submissions:

First of all, we love you and your desire to chase your passion/dreams; we think you’re awesome! That being said and just being real, we don’t want to get your hopes up. The math alone prevents XMO Radio from being able to play every song people send our way, and although we sift through as many music submissions as possible, the large quantity that our station receives on a regular basis unfortunately means we just aren’t able to listen to every single submission sent our way.

However, we DO listen to as many as we can and we promise this: if we think you’re a potential fit for what the XMO Radio audience is wanting from us, we will not rest until we connect with you! If you do not hear back from us, we wish you the best.

You can submit your songs to us via email at xmusic @ xmusiconline . com (no spaces) or reach out to us via our Facebook page. Please ensure that if you are submitting via email you provide us a download link such as dropbox or a site we can down load your song from – Please do not send large files to our email address.